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The Thinking Seat

Written By:Peter Tate - 1970

  • The Thinking Seat  - Peter Tate cover


It is only 1973. Yet the beautiful California coast has undergone a tragic metamorphosis. Progress has arrived in the form of a large desalinization plant transforming the majestic tides into fresh water units, the rugged coastline into lush, green Edens. Most people accept the change as a necessity for survival. — Then a man named Simeon and a devoted girl disciple arrive in the coastal town of Playa 9. Simeon begins to preach against man's subjugation of nature. Soon he becomes the prophet of a counter-culture group called the Budkins. Most of the other citizens regard him as a harmless nut... except the powerful group of men who call themselves Co-Ordinated Interest Association. For them Simeon represents an encroaching menace that must be stopped.