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Theodore Savage

Written By:Cicely Hamilton - 1922

  • Theodore Savage - Cicely Hamilton cover


Theodore Savage If it had been possible for Theodore Savage to place on record for those who came after him the story of his life and experiences, he would have been the first to admit that the interest of the record lay in circumstance and not in himself. From beginning to end he was much what surroundings made of him in his youth the product of a public school, Wadham and the Civil Service in maturit and age a toiler with his hands in the company of men who lived brutishly. In his twenties, no doubt, he was frequently bored by his clerking duties and the routine of the Distribution Office later on there were seasons when all that was best in him cried out against confinement in a life that had no aspiration but neither boredom nor resentment ever drove him.