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Their Journey

Vlad's Troubles

Written By:Varian Morn - 2012

  • Vlad's Troubles - Varian Morn cover


-Vlad's Troubles is a side-story of the days before Their Journey.-

Vlad is a simple man, on a simple journey. Traveling alone in a world where no one is trustworthy, and where the very earth is ones enemy, Vlad carries everything he owns with him. Barely interacting with others, one would think Vlad would have a clam and simple life… But that is far from the truth. Vlad's days are full of worries and troubles.

Mutants, a steady supply of food, or staying warm during the nights and out of the rain are the most important worries that trouble his mind, and so are his items. A few weapons, some clothes, his cloak and a few knives are all that he owns. All that he dares to own. As simple as the items may seem, they are everything to him… especially a blanket that is a little too small for him.

To others it might just be a dark and gloomy piece of worn down cloth… but to him, in his world, his items and the blanket are his foundation… his life. So when someone steals one of his bags, with the blanket within… His entire world becomes troublesome. With his worries now reality, Vlad must face the troubles of getting his blanket back. Tracking down the thief, Vlad is forced to go through extreme lengths to reacquire his blanket.

This is the story of a simple man, on a simple journey, to get back a simple item.




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