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The Lost Traveller

Written By:Steve Wilson - 1977

  • The Lost Traveller  - Steve Wilson cover

    Ace - October 1978

  • The Lost Traveller  - Steve Wilson cover

    Ballantine - July 1987


Ace - October 1978



When Civilization did an ugly disappearing act called World War III, men already used to the lack of it stood the best chance of survival. And the Hell's Angels (Los Angeles Chapter) were survivors for way back...

Ballantine - July 1987

In the dark world after the nuclear apocalypse, a nascent civilization turns to the Hell's Angels to save the scientist who can reclaim the Dead Lands...

Enter a world where so much has been lost that desperation has a new meaning...

America as we know it is no more. In the west, a state called the Fief must depend on Hell's Angels, men ruled only by their own violent code of brotherhood, to protect them both from the Gypsies constantly threatening their borders, and from the East, a state that has failed to learn from the nuclear devastation and pursues an aggressiveness reminiscent of the days before the blast.

When a scientist whose work promises the reclaiming of the vast Dead Lands decides he must take his discoveries out of the pugilistic East, the Fief sends three Angels to help him escape. Aboard their powerful hogs—motorcycles—the rescue party crosses the desolate plains to the Eastern fortress where he is held. Long Range, an Angel too young to know fear, leads them, which is good, because the world's meanest Gypsy, Bad Hand, who has sworn he'll wipe them out, is right on their tail. Bad Hand was once an Angel himself, but his brothers left him for dead, and now his maddness and rage make him indestructible...

Join the breathtaking adventures of The Lost Traveler on a journey that will determine whether the survivors survive...


Ballantine - July 1987

Long Range's mind raced; then as he entered the pass, he wheeled his machine about, stopping for a moment to wipe his hand across his dusty face and red-rimmed eyes. He jerked the shotgun from his saddlebag and, holding it in his left hand, nosed his bike back down the narrow trail. As he approached the bend he could hear the sound of motors laboring up the mountain toward him. He cocked the shotgun with his thumb, feeling completely cold but fiercely elated.

The oncoming machines appeared, closer than he had calculated and coming fast. He leveled the shotgun at Bad Hand. Bad Hand saw it, ducked, wobbled, stamped instinctively on the rear brake. His rear wheel locked and his bike slewed sideways, and suddenly machine and rider shot off the path and disappeared plummeting screaming of the edge...


Ace - October 1978

"Steve Wilson's THE LOST TRAVELLER is, among other things, the most promising first science fiction novel to come along in several years. It is unquestionably the best, most mature, most honest, fairest, and most wise piece of fiction ever written about the Hell's Angels in particular and the outlaw biker consciousness in general. As up-front about Angelviolence and sex as S. Clay Wilson, and deeper into the Angel virtues than anything save the biker films of Richard Rush, THE LOST TRAVELLER captures the essence of the biker soul—clear-eyed, regretful, but with love.

And takes it into the realms of American Indian mysticism with a feeling and clarity that makes Carlos Castenada seem like a Boy Scout going for his peyote merit badge. True science fiction in the highest sence—alien sensibilities rendered with conviction in their own terms, thereby expanding the reader's sense of the humanly possible.

Not for anyone who thinks THE WILD ONE and DAMNATION ALLEY are heavy stuff."

—Norman Spinrad

Ballantine - July 1987

"Unquestionably the best, most mature, most honest, fairest, and most wise piece of fiction ever written about the Hell's Angel's." —Norman Spinrad