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Ashes, The

D-Day in the Ashes

Written By:William W. Johnstone - 1994

  • D-Day in the Ashes - William W. Johnstone cover


He won back America's freedom. Now it's the world's turn...

General Deb Raines and his proud, indomitable army of Rebels weren't cut out to be international peacekeepers. But the whole world watched with awe, admiration, and terror as Raines and his followers fought the take-no-prisoners battle for justice and liberty... and cut down the last bastion of lawlessness in North America. Now, they've been called up to deliver order to a planet in chaos. Raines will take the job, on one condition. He'll do it his way—all the way.


"When people take from society in the form of criminal acts, I see no point in keeping those people around. Not at taxpayer expense. If they come into Rebel Territory with anything on their minds other than obeying the law and working hard and respecting the rights of others, we know what to do. We'll bury the bastards." —Ben Raines


The secretary-general of the United Nations, Son Moon, said, "I believe you will find that everything is in order, General Raines. Once you have signed that document, the SUSA will be officially recognized as a sovereign nation, with all the guarantees and rights accorded such by the United Nations. In return, you will help us restore order in every country you're needed in."

"My people aren't peacekeepers, Mr Secretary," Ben said.


The secretary-general smiled. "We don't expect you to be peacekeepers, General. Just restore some semblance of order around the world."

Ben nodded. "I want it known, up front—no matter what country my people go into, we aren't going to screw around with two-bit warlords and punks and thugs. If they oppose us, they're dead."

"You are in full command of the entire operations. All concerned understand that," the secretary-general said. "Where do you plan on making your initial landing in Europe?"

"France." Ben smiled. "Normandy."



Now, the bestselling epic adventure of a new and free nation rising from the ashes of a post-apocalyptic America exlodes on a global stage...




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