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Terror Incognita

Written By:Jeffrey Thomas - 2000

  • Terror Incognita - Jeffrey Thomas cover


13 TERRORS include...

A deaf woman develops a strange bond with a bizarre lamp.

A mysterious house in the forest conjures up the amorous dead.

Another dimension awaits behind a sealed attic window.

In Hell, once a year the damned are granted a bittersweet respite.

The ghost of a madwoman creates a new body for herself from whats at hand.

On a seemingly lifeless planet, a team of explorers discovers a displaced Victorian house.

A shattered marriage opens the portal to a terrifying dream land.

In a post-apocalyptic world, mutated infants are banished to an enigmatic island.

A man on the brink of insanity finds himself tormented by alien beings.

The grotesque subject matter of a series of T-shirts brings horror home to a callous man.

The spirits of murdered animals find refuge in the body of a compassionate zoo worker.

In the future, the notions of beauty become hideously distorted.

A father murders his own daughter, but there has been a six-legged witness.