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The Temple of Hashem

Written By:Hyam Yona Becker - 1998

  • The Temple of Hashem  - Hyam Yona Becker cover


When Israel is awarded a tiny sliver of Antarctica, it turns to former archaeologist and current Torah student, Shlomo Tzadok, to head up an expedition to their new possession. With Enki the Eskimo, who wears a Star of David under his furs, a multi-ethnic team sets off and survives the dangers of the harsh trek across the mile-thick ice cap. In a hidden canyon, they find more than just the greatest scientific discovery of all time. They discover undeniable proof that the Torah had existed for a millenium before Moses came down from Mt. Sinai. The Temple of Hashem combines the suspense of classic science fiction with the laws of the Torah and will be greeted by readers, Jews and non-Jew alike, with delight.