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Sword of the Spirits, The

The Prince in Waiting

Written By:John Christopher - 1970

  • The Prince in Waiting  - John Christopher cover

    Collier - 1989

  • The Prince in Waiting  - John Christopher cover

    Collier - 1974


Collier - 1989

Luke lives in a society whose finest art is fighting. Since a natural disaster years before, there have been no machines; people must rely on their bodies and wits. All believe in the Spirits—strange, otherworldly beings whose messages are relayed through holy Seers.

Winchester is rigidly divided, and Luke knows his place. But one day, a Seer stops him in the street with a mysterious message. Do the Spirits have plans for him? And what will Luke do then?


Collier - 1974

A spellbinding science fiction allegory set in a tumultuous medieval England of the 21st century

"The first book in a new science fiction trilogy... presents an intriguing view of life in a machineless, medieval society... In this future age of warring walled cities where class status is clearly defined and customs dictated by Spirits whose pronouncements are interpreted by Seers, teenage Luke becomes the unwitting pawn in a power struggle." —ALA Booklist (Suggested for the Small Library)




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