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Written By:John Nahmlos - 1982

  • Survivors - John Nahmlos cover


World War III — Only the strong will survive!


There was no other choice, no in-between. And as russia conquered Europe and advanced on America, only on question remained: who would survive the destruction of the world?

But for Colonel Jack Dawson there were no choices. Having been trained in special weapons and survival techniques, he was ready for nuclear war. His retreat was well stocked with food and supplies. His body was strong and sound. But most of all, his mind was honed to sharpness; Dawson was prepared to survive.

It would take more than courage and skill more than guns and ammo. It was the ultimate human test: protecting his loved ones; defending his country and rebuilding a civilization out of the ashes of war-ravaged America!


The Ghost of Authority

When Jack and his men pulled up to the National Guard Armory, they weren't certain of what to expect. But as they assaulted its doors with a thundering crash and paced its long corridors without interruption, something was becoming apparent: they were alone. And when they found that what they were looking for—the weapons cache—was undisturbed, the Armory took an eerie air.

Within a matter of hours, the men hoarded their loot into the M-113A armored personnel carriers, fueled up, and drove home. And they carried out this mission with tenacity and speed, as if the ghost of authority loomed over their shoulders. But it was just that. A ghost.

And all along the way back to Henderson's Corners, the men saw no one. It was as if everyone had simply gone home to die...