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The Rebellion

Written By:Jerry Ahern - 1985

  • The Rebellion  - Jerry Ahern cover


If civilization were destroyed today—would John Thomas Rourke be able to survive...?

It's a new world after the apocalypse, and John Thomas Rourke—ex-CIA Covert Operations Officer, weapons specialist, and survival expert—finds himself in a strange alliance with a former Nazi in the hope of thwarting a Communist take-over of the devastated planet.

Rourke isn't sure if he can trust his new ally, but to save the Eden Project, he has no choice except to play along. But from that moment on, death stalks Rourke's every move as he risks his life—and the lives of those he loves—on a bold bid to rid the earth forever of both the Reds and the Nazis. Freedom for a battered humanity is Rourke's ultimate goal. And in this post-World War III wasteland, freedom is the only thing worth living for, if you're The Survivalist


At the Edge of Death

Hands grabbed at Natalia's legs, dragging her down. Her right arm was twisted behind her—a little more pressure and she knew it would break. Hands held her ankles pinned.

A voice... she couldn't see the face clearly. "Hell—this cable'll be as good as a rope. Good enough for her."

The cable was snaked around her neck. "Tie her to the back of Rourke's truck—drag hang her!"

And then, "Fun's over!"

Natalia opened her eyes—it was John Rourke's voice.

The lights from the camp backlit him and in silhouette she could see the Detonics .45s in his hands.

"Let her go," Rourke said with an edge in his voice. "Help her up and let her walk over here. First person who does otherwise dies—end of story."




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