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Written By:Jerry Ahern - 1988

  • Overlord - Jerry Ahern cover


If civilization were destroyed today—would John Thomas Rourke be able to survive...?

It's a perilous world after the fiery apocalypse of World War III, and John Thomas Rourke—ex-CIA Covert Operations Officer, weapons specialist, and survival expert—pursues his archenemy Vladmir Karamatsov into the strifetorn, blackened wilderness of mainland China and a rendezvous with certain death.

Karamatsov, in possession of devastating gas that transmutes nomral men into homocidal, blood-crazed animals, is determined to use it to seize control of the vast Communist Chinese nuclear arsenal that survived the hellfire destruction of the Night of The War. Like few men alive on earth, Rourke knows the thermonuclear horrors that await mankind. Although the odds have never been more heavily stacked against him, he has no choice but to attack and crush the new threat—he is... The Survivalist


Chasm of Death

There was a whooshing sound, then a whistling, then a roar as a grenade from the multi-barreled grenade launcher exploded into the Russian position. Bodies sailed into the cold night sky.

Rourke found cover behind a wide ice ridge that signaled a crevasse below, touched his finger to the trigger of the M-16, burning through ten rounds, shifting the muzzle and doing it again. Bodies fell as Russians died.

Then Rourke was on his feet, changing sticks, ramming the fresh thrity-round magazine up the well. He started forward around the edge of the crevasse.

And then his footing was suddenly gone, and he was plummeting downward into the dark emptiness of the bottomless chasm...




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