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Blood Assassins

Written By:Jerry Ahern - 1992

  • Blood Assassins - Jerry Ahern cover


World War III has reduced the once-proud land of plenty to a battle-seared landscape of blasted rubble and toxic waste. A few tattered pockets of civilization struggle against the tyranny of the totalitarian armies crushing military occupation. Only one man dares to challenge the enemies of freedom. John Thomas Rourke: ex-CIA Covert Operations Officer, weapons specialist and warrior - the ultimate Survivalist. Ever on the alert, Rourke and his freedom commandos have set defensive positions around their island stronghold of democracy. However, after the devastating eruption of the island's long dormant volcano that left thousands dead and communications destroyed, the high-tech enemies of freedom move in. Twelve trained terrorist/assassins launch a bloody attack against Rourke's most trusted freedom fighters, weakening his already strained defenses. The moment ripe, the occupation forces attack by sea and air in a blitzkrieg of terrible destruction with chemical weapons. Rourke must spearhead the counterattack, aided by his super squadron of fighter jets in a lethal battle that will decide the final fate of America's future!




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