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Survival 2000

Frozen Fire

Written By:James McPhee - 1991

  • Frozen Fire - James McPhee cover


On the savage frontier of tomorrow, survival is a brand-new game

Blood Christening

In the cruel new world created by the devastation of asteroid impacts, men care only for their own lives—and the law of kinship is replaced by the brutal struggle for the right-to-life. But for David Rand, sheer survival is not enough. If he is to see the future, he must get back a piece of his past—his daughters—now in the hands of a murderous gang of army deserters.

But the enemy holds the high ground. They restart a nuclear-powered generator in a crumbling mall, turning it into a fortress—complete with high-intensity lights, security cameras and an endless supply of food and weapons.

Here David Rand must face his final test—in a world where winners die hard... and losers live to tell the tale. It's a question of learning the lessons of... Survival 2000

The future is now. Tomorrow is only a nightmare away.


Lee was fastest to move

Hearing his sister's voice, he looked immediately to the row of phone booths in the shadow under the second-floor balcony. He leveled the Uzi, set on auto, and pulled the trigger.

The magazine empited before he'd got halfway along the row, and the kick took the bullets higher and higher. Glass, plastic and metal exploded everywhere. A man burst out of one of the untouched booths, firing from the hip. Dave instantly saw that it wasn't Sheever, and he steadied his Linebaugh, waiting for the giant to make his move.

His machine pistol empty, Lee was fumbling for his pistol. Sheever's man saw him and turned toward the helpless boy. Then Zera snapped off a round from the scattergun, but it went wide and high, smashing glass above the man's head.

Dave started to change his aim, and Sheever took that second to make his own move. The Linebaugh hesitated for a single fatal moment...




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