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Survival 2000

Blood Quest

Written By:James McPhee - 1991

  • Blood Quest - James McPhee cover


A year ago, David Rand was living the American dream then his dream and his world blew apart.


Multiple asteroids impacts around the globe have transformed the Earth forever. A disaster of cataclysmic proportions has given birth to a savage new world: a land ravaged by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, molten minefields and mile-high tital waves, burning skies and frozen ground.

Out of this shockscape, survivors emerge to roam the treacherous wasteland that's gripped by famine, plague... and madness. A world that teaches ordinary men the harsh new rules of living... and dying.

Now David Rand embarks upon a harrowing journey on a pilgrimage to find his missing family... somehow, somewhere, he must dig them out from under the ruins. In the very depth of a new Dark Age, David Rand must learn the secret of...


The future is now. Tomorrow is only a nightmare away.


"Now, Lee," Dave said quietly.

He dived to his left, plucking out the heavy gun as he moved. He knew that the pistol was so powerful it could break his wrist if he wasn't properly braced to fire it. The snow erupted behind him as the silent member of the quartet triggered both barrels of his ten-gauge. From inside the tent there was the lighter crack of the Beretta followed by a scream. And there was the unmistakable snarling of Melmoth in a fury.

Lee had let go of the pit bull as soon as he heard his father say the code word "accident." Gripping the scattergun to his shoulder, he allowed the muzzle to protrude an inch through the tent flap. He took a slow breath and held it. Like his father, he couldn't believe he was actually going to shoot at another human being.

At his father's command, Lee squeezed the trigger, feeling the buck of the gun against his sholder, seeing his target go down, thrashing on the ground and yelping in pain. At that same moment the bottom of the tent flap flew outward and Melmoth was in the open, racing toward the short blond man.




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