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Sunset Warrior

The Sunset Warrior

Written By:Eric Van Lustbader - 1977

  • The Sunset Warrior  - Eric Van Lustbader cover


First in his trilogy about the ultimate nightmare and the ultimate man

The Dolman

A being all nightmare, it prepares the end of all creation, while mankind cowers in fetid cities under a frozen world. Then from the bowels of the earth a warrior comes, baptized in blood, skilled in the dread language of swords...

Excerpt which Ronin, Bladesman, descends far downshaft to the City of Ten Thousand Paths, where he encounters Bonneduce the Last; unfastens for the final time the robes of the magnificently sensual K'reen, and discovers her secret; and receives the scroll that both foretells the ending of man's time on earth, and contains his last and only hope...




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