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The Fall

Written By:Chuck Hogan - 2010

  • The Fall  - Chuck Hogan cover

    Harper Special Premium July 2014

  • The Fall  - Chuck Hogan cover

    HarperCollins 2010 Import


Harper Special Premium July 2014

Last week they invaded Manhattan. This week they will destroy the world.

The vampiric virus is spreading and soon will envelop the globe. Amid the chaos, Eph Goodweather—head of the Centers for Disease Control's team—leads a band out to stop these bloodthirsty monsters. But it may be too late.

Ignited by the Master's horrific plan, a war has erupted between Old and New World vampires. Caught between these warring forces, powerless and vulnerable, humans find themselves no longer the consumers but the consumed. At the center of the conflict lies an ancient text that contains the vampires' entire history... and their darkest secrets. Whoever finds the book can control the outcome of the war and, ultimately, the fate of us all.

HarperCollins 2010 Import

After the Strain has taken hold, comes the Fall...

It took the world just sixty days to end...

By the time the crisis went to Congress, and was analysed, legislated, and ultimately vetoed, we had already lost. The night belonged to them. Leaving us longing for daylight when it was ours no more...

Ephraim Goodweather, director of the New York office of the Centers for Disease Control, is one of the few humans who understands what is really happening. Vampires have arrived in New York City, and their condition is contagious. If they cannot be contained, the entire world is at risk of infection.

As Eph becomes consumed with the battle against the total corruption of humanity, his ex-wife, Kelly, a victim of the vampiric strain, is ever-more determined to claim their son, Zack.

And as the origins of the Master who unleashed the epidemic are gradually revealed, Eph learns that there is a greater, more terrible plan in store for the human race—worse even than annihilation...


Harper Special Premium July 2014

"Bram Stoker meets Stephen King meets Michael Crichton." —Nelson DeMille

"Earth is one scary place in The Fall... A sprawling, detailed examination of a world gone mad... You have to hand it to del Toro and Hogan. At a time when brooding, sexy vampires are so ubiquitous in popular culture... the authors finally have given the creatures back some of their nasty, vicious, delicious bite." —Los Angeles Times

"A high-tech vampire epic." —San Francisco Chronicle

"Guillermo del Toro is a mad, artistic genius, and his take on vampires crushes the glossy teenybopper model that's become so achingly popular... Glorious, violent mayhem [propels the] plot like a cannonball... These books are better than any monster movies we'll see in theaters." —Albuquerque Journal

"Potent cinematic imagery welded onto crime-fiction pacing... The beasts del Toro and Hogan have invented are not roaming faraway castles, but rather they inhabit our airports, backyards, and kitchens. This is a monstrous vision, one where all the romantic ideas of Bela Lugosi and George Hamilton are stripped bare and what is revealed is a new vampire biology—but with links to the past." —Chicago Sun-Times

"A trilogy that soars with spellbinding intrigue. Truly, an unforgettable tale you can't put down once you read the first page." —Clive Cussler

"A captivating thrill ride... The quintessential horror story of the decade." —Buffalo News

"Blood and apocalypse mix in a terrifying story that feels like it was ripped from today's headlines. Vividly wrought and relentlessly paced." —James Rollins, New York Times bestselling author of Altar of Eden

"These are vampires as they should be—mean, ugly, gnarly, and nasty... The Fall jumps right into the action and barrels full speed ahead into complete apocalypse... Del Toro again proves himself to be as adept at writing horror novels as he is at directing dark films. He offers some of the same macabre and fantastic imagery in print." —Monroe News-Star (LA)

"The duo succeeds mightily, maintaining the kinectic energy of the first book and raising that stakes significantly... [Del Toro and Hogan] make for strong collaborators. Though elements of the story are familiar, the sharp, propulsive language helps invest them with new power." —Los Angeles Times

"Spine-tingling suspense mixed with gritty vampire horror... It reads almost like an action movie and would no doubt translate well onto the big screen if del Toro chooses to make it... The characters and settings are vivid and lifelike." —Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"Vampirism at its most raw and terrifying... Hogan and del Toro... create [an] all-too-real world... Verdict: Gripping." —Herald Sun (Australia)

HarperCollins 2010 Import

The terror-filled sequel to The Strain




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