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Spider World

The Desert

Written By:Colin Wilson - 1987

  • The Desert  - Colin Wilson cover


Meet the new Lord of the Earth...

Mankind once ruled planet Earth, smugly ignoring the tiny creatures crawling underfoot. Then came the cosmic catastrophe which put man at the mercy of the giant spiders, icily intelligent conquerors armed with awesome mind powers. Now, the struggle for survival begins...

The Death Lord spiders rule the Earth, herding humans like cattle. A few tribes of free men and women dwell in the desert, hiding underground, living by their wits. Now, a young warrior named Niall begins an epic search for the secrets of the spiders—secrets which might give humanity a fighting chance against the overlords...


A line of spiders ten miles long marched across the desert. Their captive human beings were brought to the city of the Death Lord and injected with a poison that brought paralysis. The fully conscious victims were slowly eaten over a matter of days. Their leader lived almost two weeks, until he was only an armless, legless trunk...

It's their planet now!


Enter the startling realms of Colin Wilon's Spider World

"Brilliantly managed, skillfully executed." —London Times

"A masterpiece in the hands of a storyteller like Colin Wilson... thrilling... truly unforgettable... The Spider World series could easily become a cult!" —Western Morning News

"Bizarre... convincing... the action and the setting are excellently conveyed." —Fantasy Review




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