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First Channel

Written By:Jacqueline Lichtenberg / Jean Lorra - 1980

  • First Channel - Jacqueline Lichtenberg / Jean Lorra cover


She was more than a slave—she was their life's blood

Gens are slaves. Gens are cattle. Gens are food.

In Earth's far future, humanity mutates into two races. The Gens generate a life-giving force. The vampiric Simes need that force to survive, and the brutal taking of it always ends in death.

But Rimon Farris, son of a Gen breeder, is different. He dreads the killing and dreams of a better way of life with his childhood sweetheart Kadi—until one horrible day.

Kadi changes into a Gen, a nonperson, to be sold to the highest bidder. Now Rimon must rescue the woman he loves from certain death—and then learn how not to kill her himself!


Rimon tracked the raiders to their camp

They had stolen several Gens, one a red-haired girl, possibly Kadi. Now, hidden behind a large rock, Rimon watched in horror as the Sime Raiders whirled two Gen captives around in a wild tarantella. The shiltpron music grew faster, and the Raiders zipped crazily through the figures, gone mad with rapture.

Abruptly they pulled the last of the Gens from a tent and into the firelight. Flames gleamed on shining red hair. The girl looked like Kadi, and her arms were bound.

The leader of the Simes reached out and ripped away her bodice, exposing her breasts. He pounced on her, hands on her breasts, not fondling but grasping her tightly. When his tentacles grazed, her skin, she realized what was happening and drew breath for a scream.

It was never voiced. Before the first sound, the Sime closed her mouth with his and stripped her of her life.


Set in the universe created by the sensational House of Zeor

"Powerful—and quite intriguing." —Kirkus Reviews

"The best-crafted book to date in this series. Readers of the first two books will want this one." —Library Journal




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