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Seeds of Change

Written By:Thomas F. Monteleone - 1975

  • Seeds of Change - Thomas F. Monteleone cover


The Denver Citiplex that evolves over the next two centuries, while technologically a masterpiece, is a living hell for those whom computer analysis labels potential deviants from the genetically controlled social norms. In his frantic effort to escape the fate of all such deviants, Eric Stone and his beautiful girlfriend, Jessica, manage to reach an underground colony living in the wastelands outside the city. It appears that not everyone loves the Citiplex, but only the arrival of a small colony of earthling survivors from Mars enables the dissidents to hope they may make some changes. But it is only a hope.


He entered the cube and it automatically closed around him. Momentarily he felt the same sensations of being trapped as he had in the elevator; but he forced it from his mind and shoved his Cit-plate into the phone slot. As he did it, he realized what he had done: somewhere in the Main Data Bank, an alarm would be going off. His Citizen Number was now recognized as counterfeit. As far as the computers were concerned, Eric Stone no longer existed. His position would be traced to the phone-cube: already units from Enforcement would be homing in on the alarm signal.

He heard the buzzer sounding at Jessica's terminal. The screen blinked into life and he suddenly saw her face staring at him in the cube.

"Eric... I've been expecting you," she said, smiling easily.

"Jessica, listen... I haven't got time... I need help."

"I know, Eric, you've been tapped by the System... you're a dead man..."