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Saraband of Lost Time

Written By:Richard Grant - 1985

  • Saraband of Lost Time - Richard Grant cover


Their quest was for peace—in a future beyond the apocalypse

The Overmind

The people of Earth whispered the name in fear... the Overmind... the powerful entity which could reactivated the dreaded machines of long ago, before the last great war.

War had changed the planet in strange and terrible ways. But one thing had not changed. War still went on.

In this troubled world, a brighter destiny has brought together an intrepid band of adventurers—among them an ancient scholar possessed of vision like no ordinary man, a royal warrior, and the frail but unafraid young woman with whom he has fallen in love.

Across dangerous lands and through evil perils, they will venture to the secret place of the Overmind—somewhere not in space but in time—to a rendezvous with the beginning of a new future for their world.


Into the overmind

Inbote stood alone in great brightness. His eyes were restored, and focused on the immense doors before him. Slowly he walked toward them, wondering at the shining that came through the tiny space beneath. As he drew nearer he saw that their surfaces were composed of purest diamond, black with the emptiness of the void, in which all Essence is born and annihilated each moment...