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Night Light

Written By:Terri Blackstock - 2006

  • Night Light - Terri Blackstock cover


in the face of a crisis that sweeps an entire high-tech planet back to the age before electricity, the brannings face a choice. will they hoard their possessions to survive---or trust god to provide as they offer their resources to others? #1 bestselling suspense author terri blackstock weaves a masterful what-if series in which global catastrophe reveals the darkness in human hearts---and lights the way to restoration for a selfcentered world. an era unlike any in modern civilization is descending, one without lights, electronics, running water, or automobiles. as a global blackout lengthens into months, the neighbors of oak hollow grapple with a chilling realization: the power may never return. survival has become a lifestyle. when two young thieves break into the brannings' home and clean out the food in their pantry, jeff branning tracks them to a filthy apartment and discovers a family of children living alone, stealing to stay alive. where is their mother? the search for answers uncovers a trail of desperation and murder . . . and for the brannings, a powerful new purpose that can transform their entire community---and above all, themselves.




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