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Resident Evil


Written By:Keith DeCandido - 2004

  • Apocalypse - Keith DeCandido cover


My name is Alice and I remember everything

Failure of the Hive to contain the Umbrella Corporation's most deadly viral creation has led to an outbreak of apocalyptic proportions. Now the streets of Raccoon City swarm with the living dead, compelling Umbrella to deploy another of its bioweapons, a hulking prototype soldier codenamed NEMESIS that kills anything in its path.

Jill Valentine of the RCPD and several others are determined to get out of Raccoon alive, but only if they can escape the city's hordes of undead, Umbrella's unleashed creatures, and the relentless pursuit of Nemesis itself. Their one chance is with one of the only survivors of the Hive—a young woman named Alice, who learns a terrifying secret behind her connection to Umbrella.


"There's something out there."

Alice spoke with a surety and finality that worried Jill.

"We don't have time for this bullshit." Peyton pushed past Alice and proceeded down the alley.

"No," Alice started, but Peyton didn't listen.

Just as Jill was about to join him, the report of dozens of rounds being fired at once slammed into Jill's ears‐

‐just as the cause of those reports slammed into Peyton's form. Blood splattered as the bullets tore through his body, and he went flying backward.

He was dead before he hit the ground, which he did about six feet behind where he was standing.

"Peyton! No!"

Jill looked up as a figure stepped out of the shadows.

"Figure" was truly an inadequate word. The person was at least eight feet tall, with huge muscles, tubes running in and out of his flesh, was carrying a big weapon that was roughly the size of Texas, and wearing a rocket launcher slung across his back.



The chilling novelization of the motion picture in theatres this fall




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