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Quest of the Chosen

Written By:M. L. Chamaschuk - 2002

  • Quest of the Chosen - M. L. Chamaschuk cover


One thousand years ago, a cataclysmic comet shower devastated this world, forever changing the lives of its once technologically advanced people. Now living in isolated kingdoms where neighbor has fought neighbor for the right to survive, the only hope for lasting peace lies in a Legend and a Prophesy that have been linked since the earliest days following the cataclysm.
The Legendary Sky Lords—mysterious people inhabiting a fantastic floating city—are prophesied to return to the continent of Primus and select two Chosen, a man and a woman, who will lead the sundered kingdoms into a new era of peace and cooperation—the Final Reunification.

The Sky Lords have finally returned and the time of the Prophesy is now at hand. Aurori, the princess of the Healers’ Kingdom of Eristea, and Terien, the prince of Kaethos, are the Chosen. They must endure a fantastic journey that will bring them face-to-face with perils and wonders as they attempt to collect representatives from the various kingdoms.

But, there are those who secretly conspire to prevent the success of their mission. Are the Sky Lords who they seem to be? Will the Chosen succeed in overcoming the conspirators? Will the Final Reunification come about?

A thrilling ride through exotic locales.

An adventure of a lifetime.