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The Purple Cloud

Written By:M.P. Shiel - 1901

  • The Purple Cloud  - M.P. Shiel cover


A purple vapor, far deadlier than any bomb of gas invented by man's genius, passes over the world and kills every living being but one. One person is singled out for survival, and to meet the most bizarre destiny ever conceived by any mind—human or divine.


The towering masterpiece of science ficiton

"Colossal... brilliant novel" —H. G. Wells

"Mad, dazzling..." —The New York Times

"A flaming genius." —Hugh Walpole

"Shiel's characters exist in the blazing phantasmal world where almost anything is almost sure to happen. He is sheer imaginative flame, run wild like a cosmic prairie fire." —The New York Times

"One of the very best fantastic tales of the century. A classic of its kind, it haunts the imagination like a darkly splendid dream. I invite you all to read this masterpiece... Who, having once read these passages, will ever forget them?" —J. B. Priestly

"This masterpiece should live as long as the Odyssey." —Jules Claretie, Revue des Deux Mondes

"M.P. Shiel is a writer of imperial imagination." —Rebecca West

"He tells of a wilder wonderland than Poe ever dreamed of." —Arthur Machen

"What a man! What an imagination!" —Carl Van Vechten

"The greatest writer of sensational fiction of his time." —The Irish Statesman

"Had Carlyle shared Coleridge's penchant of laudanum, he might have written thus." —The English Review

"He is not to be touched, because there is no one else like him." —Hugh Walpole

"A genius drunk with the hottest juices of our language." —New York Post