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Planet of the Apes

Escape to Tomorrow

Written By:George Alec Effinger - 1974

  • Escape to Tomorrow - George Alec Effinger cover


"Savages, they're nothing but savages!"
"They must be caught and punished!"
"They must be taught their place!"

So began the reign of terror. Humans, already en-slaved, were now to be exterminated. The Dragoons, a band of vicious apes, swore to drive the humans from their land, burn their huts, murder their children, and imprison the last sorry survivors in the Forbidden Zone.

Only Galen, Virdon and Burke stood between the doomed humans and their terrible fate. Only they could expose the Dragoons and their dangerous secret. Only they could keep the apes from destroying an entire race andL6ery remnant of their dead civilization.

But in this desert of brutality, small flames of reason and kindness still flickered. An ape doctor and a frightened blind female become the unwitting aides of human salvation .. .




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