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Sea of Plague

Written By:James Axler - 2003

  • Sea of Plague - James Axler cover


The cerberus warriors forge a deadly alliance with two archenemies...


The nine barons who kept post-nuclear America in chains have succumbed to a more profligate evil—an ancient interloper whose bid to destroy all remnants of humanity nears fruition. Once a soldier of the new world, Kane and his band of exiles have waged a tireless war to stop the tides of damnation for mankind. Yet the battle has reached a terrible and crucial crossroad: where doom and salvation are inexorably joined...


The loyalties that united the Cerberus warriors have become undone, as a bizarre messenger from the future provides a look into encroaching horror and death. Kane and his band have one option: fix two fatal fault lines in the time continuum—and rewrite history before it happens. But first they must restore power to the barons who are to defy the greater evil: the mysterious new Imperator. Then they must wage war in the jungles of India, where the deadly, beautiful Scorpia Prime and her horrifying bio-weapon are about to drown the world in a sea of plague...


"The great plan?"

Grant crossed his arms over his thick chest. "That's apparently what Sam calls it. The plan to eventually control all of humanity—homo sapiens and homo superior. Both new and old humans are in the same boat—marked to be ruled or destroyed."

Baron Sharpe's eyes clouded over with the intensity of his emotion. "Academically, I can see a certain logic to it. If the control mechanisms are installed at key points throughout history, then the nukecaust will not be necessary."

Quietly Brigid said, "I know we've dropped a lot on you. Some of our claims are very wild and impossible to prove. The final decision as to whether we're right or wrong is up to you."

Baron Sharpe blinked, then his eyes frosted hard. "What do you expect me to do?"

"Spread the word to all the other barons," Brigid answered. "Form a consortium of barons and pool your resources to occupy Area Fifty-one. Do whatever you have to do to fight the future, to keep the Imperator's adaptive Earth from coming to pass."

"And what of you?"

"We have our own fronts to fight on," Grant responded brusquely.




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