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Rim of the World

Written By:James Axler - 2006

  • Rim of the World - James Axler cover


The conspiracy of secrecy manipulating post-nuclear Earth takes a terrifying new turn as the mysterious oligarchy becomes something far more sinister. No longer shrouded in the cloaks of hybrid-human divinity, the nine barons have evolved into their true incarnation of ancient overlords, their avaricious scope expanded to reclaim the world they were forced to abandon, and with it, the final subjugation of the human race. Deep in the fertile African savannah lies an ancient artifact that will unlock secrets hidden for two thousand years, and restore the dormant control of a Sumerian god prepared to bring all of Africa under his ruthless domain. The Cerberus rebels only begin to understand the extent of the power of this deity, and the terrible destiny that waits if they lose this opening salvo to stop evil from regaining a foothold to the future...




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