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Doom Dynasty

Written By:James Axler - 2000

  • Doom Dynasty - James Axler cover


A raging bid for power menaces postnuclear America

Death Grip

Two centuries after skydark, nine barons comprise a powerful oligarchy that all but enslaves the rest of humanity. But chaos is returning to a world that was forever changed by the nuclear holocaust of 2001. For these barons are facing extinction, the result of a struggle by a group of rebels banished to the Outlands of postholocaust America. These exiles have uncovered the dark history—and doomed destiny—of a planet whose affairs have been manipulated by a sinister force since time immemorial.

Damnation Game

The mysterious barons—either hybrids of another race or genetic evolution gone mad—are dying. Kane, once a keeper of law and order in the new America, is part of the driving machine to return power to the true inheritors of the earth. California is the opening salvo in one baron's savage quest for immortality—and a fateful act of defiance against earth's dangerous oppressors. Yet their sanctity is grimly uncertain as an unseen force arrives for a final confrontation with those who seek to rule, or reclaim, planet earth.

In the Outlands, darkness and light clash with deadly intent.


"Let's open up on full auto, cut a path, then run like hell."

Domi nodded, finger curling around the trigger of her Combat Master. The fire of combat still burned brightly in her eyes.

"So much for catching Pollard by suprise," Brigid said, breathing hard.

"If nothing else," Kane replied, "maybe we can make it back to the redoubt before Pollard and lay a trap for him there."

Grant nodded curtly. "Just give the word."

Kane's gloved finger hovered over the trigger stud of his Sin Eater. The savages began another slow advance, moving in a deliverate tread, spreading out around them in a wide circle. Their dark faces were locked in masks of implacable ferocity, their eyes glittering with homicidal rage.

Kane did not enjoy killing outlanders—he had done too much of it as a Magistrate—but now that blood was spilled, there was no hope of talking their way out of the situation.




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