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On To Plan B

Written By:Lawrence Tepper - 2002

  • On To Plan B - Lawrence Tepper cover


A Novel—The world as we know it has ended as a comet crashes into west coast, and Ted Powell has survived. He's one of the few who prepared for disaster. He chose to believe. He left everyone and everything behind. His fiancée, his business, his house—they are all just part of the past. And now he is alone, determined to persevere.

There are other survivors, longing for the possessions he had the courage to store. He must protect what is his at all costs. He secretly enters and exits his hidden underground home. Should his vast amount of food, medicines, and supplies be discovered, his life will be in jeopardy. The pistols he hides under his clothes make him feel secure, but he cannot allow them to be seen. One jealous eye his way means a confrontation he may not live through. Can he trust anyone? Is there a future worth fighting to see? Only Ted Powell can know for sure.