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Written By:Walter S. Tevis - 1980

  • Mockingbird - Walter S. Tevis cover


A novel of forbidden love and forgotten dreams by the author of The Man Who Fell to Earth

A world where humans wander, drugged and lulled by electronic bliss. Where quick sex is best, where people would rather burn themselves alive than endure. A dying world of no children, no art, no reading. Where some still refuse to surrender. And love is the only hope.

A strange love triangle. Spofforth, the most perfect machine ever created, whose only wish is to die. Paul and Mary Lou, whose passion for each other is the only future.

A haunting novel, reverberating with anguish. That beats with the force of life. And celebrates joy and love, the strength of hope, the force of the word, and the magic of a dream.

A love story of the far future

In a time far away love is the only hope.


"Because of its affirmation of such persistent human values as curiosity, courage, compassion, along with its undeniable narrative power, MOCKINGBIRD will become one of those books that coming generations will periodically re-discover with wonder and delight." —The Washington Post

"I've read other novels extrapolating the dangers of computerization but MOCKINGBIRD stings me, the writer, the hardest. The notion, the possibility, that people might indeed lose the ability, and worse, the desire to read, is made acutely probable. Damn good book, damn well-written!" —Anne McCaffrey

"[A] moving examination of people discovering the wonders of human thought and human love." —Publishers Weekly

"Set in a far future in which robots run a world with a small and declining human population, this novel could be considered an unofficial sequel to Fahrenheit 451, for its central event and symbol is the rediscovery of reading." —San Francisco Chronicle

"A moral tale that has elements of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, Superman and Star Wars." —Los Angeles Times Book Review