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Long Afternoon of Earth The/Hothouse

Written By:Brian Aldiss - 1961

  • Long Afternoon of Earth  The/Hothouse - Brian Aldiss cover

    SIGNET - 1st Printing Jan 1962

  • Long Afternoon of Earth  The/Hothouse - Brian Aldiss cover

    SIGNET - 4th Printing


SIGNET - 1st Printing Jan 1962

In the far distant future, Earth's sun stands still and man is trapped between buring day and barren night. An exciting new novel by the author of STARSHIP

The Day The Sun Stood Still
Its red disc hangs immobile in the sky, showering one-half of Earth for endless centuries with its powerful radiations. Over the world's surface creeps a malignant green growth that devours all living things in its leafy maw.

Only a handful of humans remain to defy the ravenous destroyer and its satraps, to face the nightmare horrors of a glistening, slithering hell, to claim a last, heroic refuge on an Earth where once man dwelt as lord...

SIGNET - 4th Printing

The Sun is Dying

It never rises, never sets, on an Earth that has long since ceased to spin. Half the Earth is in perpetual shadow. On the other half—where it is always afternoon—a handful of humans struggle for existence against a creeping green horror that has devoured all other animal life.

Men who have never seen the stars—less than insects on the planet they once ruled!


SIGNET - 1st Printing Jan 1962


"We live in a world where all life is tending toward the mindless, the infinitesimal, the embryonic speck. So will be fulfilled the processes of the universe. Galactic fluxes will carry the spores of life to another and new system, just as they once brought it here. Already you see the process at work, in these green pillars of light that draw life from the jungles. Under steadily increasing heat, devolutionary processes accelerate."

The process of evolution on earth is in reverse—the mind succumbs to the mindless, the mobile to the immobile, flesh and blood... to the green leaf.

SIGNET - 4th Printing

mile-long vegetable spiders—

Nature's first astronauts, they changed the face of the sky. Long after Man had rolled up his affairs and returned to the trees, the Traversers reconquered space, linking the Earth and Moon with that ancient symbol of neglect—a cobweb.

...As the Traverser rose, its legs brushing the web, it picked up spores, burrs, countless tiny creatures. It also picked up six plant "coffins," each containing a human... Daphe opened her eyes. What she saw had no meaning. A splendid green half-ball, mottled with blue and white—was it a fruit? Bright points of light sparkled painfully. All was confusion. This was the region of the gods.