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Left Behind: The Kids


Written By:Jerry B. Jenkins / Tim LaHaye - 2003

  • Taken - Jerry B. Jenkins / Tim LaHaye cover


The Search For Truth

In one shocking moment millions around the globe disappear. Those left behind face an uncertain future—especially four unlikely friends who now find themselves alone. As the kids search for help and answers, they learn the truth behind the disappearances.

Judd, Vicki, Lionel, and Ryan have decisions to make. Will they accept Christ's forgiveness, or will they blame God for abandoning them and taking away their families? And to make matters worse, Lionel gets a disturbing message from his uncle that leads him to Chicago, praying he'll reach his uncle in time. Meanwhile, Ryan's investigations reveal a truth that puts his friends in grave danger, and Judd and Lionel narrowly escape with their lives in a rescue attempt in an apartment fire set by a murderer.

The four friends believe the truth, but one question remains: Who is the Antichrist? Their pastor, Bruce Barnes, thinks he knows. The kids aren't so sure, but then a man who has met the Antichrist shares his nightmarish story.

Join the Young Trib Force as the world falls apart around them, and they must band together to find faith and fight the evil future that threatens all of humanity.




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omnibus     Taken

omnibus     Pursued

omnibus     Hidden

omnibus     Rescued

omnibus     Stung

omnibus     Frantic

omnibus     Shaken

omnibus     Unmasked

omnibus     Deceived

omnibus     Protected

omnibus     Hunted

omnibus     Arrived