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Last on Earth

The Convergence

Written By:Marilyn Kaye - 1998

  • The Convergence  - Marilyn Kaye cover


They are not alone...

It has been four weeks since the day of the disappearance. The day twenty-five seniors emerged from their math class at Madison High to discover that everyone else had vanished and they became the LAST ON EARTH.

They have already divided into rival groups. One is led by Travis, who quickly establishes himself as the domineering, militant leader of his Community. The so-called rebels, led by Jake, are committed to finding an explanation for the mysterious event that has left them alone on the planet.

What they find is powerful evidence that they are not alone in the universe... or on Earth. Messages that look like gibberish appear on a computer. A stranger, with no knowledge of their world, appears in their midst. And that personalities of the group are changing radically. They have entered into a new reality... more mysterious, more advanced, and far more terrifying than anything they might have imagined.


The Stranger

It was a person, a boy, standing by the rail, head bowed as if he were looking down at the water. His back was to her, so she couldn't recognize him. How strange that someone else could be out here. Her heart skipped a beat. Maybe it was one of the rebels. So what if it is, she told herself. They're just your former classmates.

She moved closer. They called out tentatively, "Hello?"

She must have taken him by surprise, because despite the fact that he was taller and bigger than she was, he fell back onto the bridge. Face to face, she saw immediately that he wasn't one of the rebels. He wasn't a member of the Community either. He was no one she'd ever seen before in her life.

He gazed at her vaguely, with the lightest, bluest eyes he'd ever seen. His face was handsome, in a movie star way—square jaw, straight nose, no blemishes. His hair was a gold-brown, and it was long, falling in ways almost to his shoulders. He was dressed all in white—shirt, pants, shoes. He had to be at least twenty. And he was absolutely gorgeous.

When she finally found her voice, it quavered. "Who are you?"

"I don't know," he said simply.




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