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The Patrimony

Written By:Robert Adams - 1980

  • The Patrimony  - Robert Adams cover


How long can the Confederation survive when brother battles brother fro the right to rule?

The Thoheeks is dead!

Long live the new Thoheeks! But who will this new leader of Sanderz-Vawn be? For although young Horseclansman Tim Sanderz, exiled long years ago, has come to reclaim his rightful inheritance, his stepmother wants to see her own Ehleen son as ruler Vawn. And before Tim's half-brother Bili of Morguhn and the Undying High Lord Milo can send troops to his aid, Tim's Hall has become an armed camp where Ehleen battles Horseclansman with cunning, treachery, and sword-swinging might. And there is far more at stake than just the leadership of Sanderz-Vawn. For the Confederation's deadlist enemy is once again at work, using its inhuman science to plant the seeds of Lord Milo's destruction at Sanderz Hall...



In the roadway before the Ehleen troops three noblemen sat their horses, blocking the narrow track. The Ehleenee halted as one of the men spurred his mount forward.

"You come from the Lady Mehleena?" asked the troop commander.

The stranger merely nodded.

"You are of the Brotherhood, then, my lord?"

Again the stranger nodded.

"My lord must give a Sign," said the commander, tracing a complicated pattern in the air.

"Aye, I'll give you a sign," agreed the stranger. Still smiling, he raised his hand and sent something shiny spinning through the air. The commander grunted, then his horse screamed and reared and, in the split second before his body tumbled from the animal's back and a deadly sleet of arrows began to fall, everyone could see the polished bone hilt of a knife jutting out of the commander's left eye socket...


"A series I enjoy very much" —Poul Anderson




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