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Horseclans Odyssey

Written By:Robert Adams - 1981

  • Horseclans Odyssey - Robert Adams cover


The horseclans are searching for their legendary homeland—and death awaits any who get in their way!


The call has gone out and the clans are gathering to hear the words of their war chief, Milo of Morai—words of prophecy that promise an end to wandering and a land of their own, the legendary homeland from which their ancestors had come ages ago. Yet before they can abandon their present hunting grounds, the Horseclansmen have one last debt to settle. They must rescue several of their children from kidnappers and teach their enemies the price of harming any people of the clans. But the path to both vengeance and their long-lost home will lead them down a treacherous road and straight into a sword-swinging battle with two powerful armies—a war in which there can only one victor left alive...



"Perhaps, if my brother, Henree Steevuhnz, speaks of his sorrows to his brother chiefs, wrong to him may be put right."

At Milo's suggestion, Henree rose, and like a summer storm filling a dry stream bed, his words rushed out in a flood. He told of a peaceful party of clan hunters set upon in treachery by a caravan of eastern traders, his third eldest son murdered, two younger sons and a daughter captured and borne back eastward to what terrible fate no one knew.

"Therefore, my Kindred brothers," Henree concluded, "let us move quickly to cross that mightiest of rivers, that we may sooner free from the filthy men of dirt my little sons and my daughter. It is a duty owed by all of us to our Holy Race and to the honored memory of our Sacred Ancestors."

And with Henree's final words, the clan chiefs rose up, vowing to ride together on the bloody trail of revenge...




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