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Hard Roads

Written By:Terry McDonald - 2012

  • Hard Roads - Terry McDonald cover


In the year 2017 a plague decimates the global human population with a survival rate of only one in six hundred. One nation after another is infected and accusations of bio-terrorism lead to nuclear war. The Western Hemisphere is spared from any nukes but eventually the plague arrives in the USA leaving only a half million alive. A three year nuclear winter kills even more. Social structure is nonexistent and anarchy is prevalent.

It is in this world that Jake Markett must travel to a refuge in South Georgia, a bastion of hope and safety for the few survivors who make it there.

Walking down a rural road in the post apocalyptic world of 2026 Jake Markett hears the sound of children screaming in terror and goes to their aide. From that moment he and the three black children he rescues are on a dangerous journey to a place of sanctuary.

Their path is hindered by the arrival of a paramilitary gang led by John Saint. They have to fight every inch of the way to the facility a little girl nicknames, Heaven.

As they travel they rescue others from Saint's men. Jake falls in love with one of the women he saves. This is a story of survival and what it means to be human.