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Written By:Paul Cook - 1986

  • Halo - Paul Cook cover


They battled Earth's invaders for their lives and for their souls.

The mysterious alien artifact called the Halo had gutted civilization—sowing the Earth with a million Seeds whose seductive waves twisted time and stole men's souls. But a handful of humanity escaped to begin a desperate battle for Earth's future...


Peril From the Stars

The Halo hung like a golden wedding ring with a few million stars the size of dust particles as a backdrop. The ship was absolutely silent as everyone stared. It was as if they were flies, flirting with the dangerous presence of a black widow spider.

Ticia Rhodes sat back, watching the information line on the screen.

"Over fifty million tons and spinning at four revolutions per second," she said, thinking aloud. "If I weren't seeing it with my own eyes, I'd say it was impossible."

"At least it's not an invasion fleet," Bramlett responded.

"In a way it is," said Guthrie from the shadows behind them, "It's clearly full of Seeds..."


Against the Aliens' unimaginable power, Earth had only one weapon—the human spirit.

A powerful, visionary novel of heroism and courage, Paul Cook's HALO is epic science fiction adventure of a grand cosmic scale by the author of Duende Meadow.