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Written By:Marcus Sedgwick - 2000

  • Floodland - Marcus Sedgwick cover


An eerie water wasteland. It could happen. Here.

The sea keeps rising... rising... until cities turn into islands and civilization crumbles. Zoe, ten years old, is left behind on Norwich in the confusion when her parents flee. She sets out after them, alone in a rowboat on the great sea. She makes it as far as Eels Island, where she and her precious boat are captured by a nightmarish band of warring children and their boy leader, Dooby. There's only one adult on the island, mad William. For Zoe, William's strange songs and prophecies hold clues that the world she longs for still exists, and that if she can escape, she will find it: the mainland. Civilization. Her family.


"Most readers will enjoy the survival story for its heart-pounding plot and dystopic setting." —School Library Journal

"This first novels is sufficiently taut, accessible, and swift moving to make it an effective cautionary tale. The format is nicely enchanced by the author's wood engravings." —The Horn Book Magazine