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Fatal Climate

Written By:David Hood - 2000

  • Fatal Climate - David Hood cover


On a South Sea island, the waterline has moved six feet up the beach in the eight years Uli Masoni has been away. His father, the chief, knows that there is nothing he can do; but Uli the eco warrior has the education, and the vision - he must act. The President of the United States must also act, because it's not at all clear to him that the action required to stave off this disaster - which includes reducing industrial pollution by 50 per cent overnight - will benefit his country, and more specifically those economic interests which put him in the White House. So the President puts into action a top secret plan on which depends the lives of hundreds of millions of people in the southern hemisphere. Then people start to die - just in ones or twos, to be sure, but these are people who know, and their numbers are shrinking every day. Can the survivors head off the disaster before the nightmare alliance causes the sky to fall?