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New Orleans Run

Written By:David Robbins - 1991

  • New Orleans Run - David Robbins cover


A cry for help led the warriors to the brink of hell.


Led by Blade, they were a handful of men and women who fought to keep post-WWIII America from plunging into total darkness. Among them was the Bravo Triad, three genetically engineered hybrids endowed with human and animal traits. Created to destroy mankind, they had defected to save it.


Voodoo worshippers who practiced black magic, they took control of New Orleans when it lay in ruins. Guided by a madman named Baron Laveau, the society held the people of the area under a tyrannical spell. And at the altar of their snake god Damballah, the fiends offered up human sacrifices as a means to stay in power.


Answering a distress call sent by a resistance movement, Blade and the Bravo Triad want to help them and ended up stepping into an ambush. But the trap hadn't been made that could hold Blade when he was angry. He and the hybrids would be damned if they'd leave New Orleans before they smashed the serpent god's altar to rubble.



The living nightmare slid slowly toward the man in black, its dark, obsidian eyes reflecting its soul-less nature.

Henri Petion performed a sweeping, obsequious bow. "Lord Damballah, I am yours to command! Do with me as you will." He straightened, his arms at his sides.

The Snake God acknowledged the request.

Suddenly sweeping forward, the black serpent's enormous head darted at the expectant human, its maw opening wide enough to accommodate a horse. Exhibiting lightning rapidity, striking before Petion could utter a single sound, the snake snapped its mouth shut over its prey, then reared back.

Blade felt revulsion at the ghastly sight. He could see Petion's ankles and feet jutting from between the reptile's lips, the black shoes kicking and twisting, and then the snake tilted its head upward, gulped, and swallowed.

Petion's feet disappeared.




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