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Earth Blood

Earth Blood

Written By:James Axler / Rosel George Brown - 1993

  • Earth Blood - James Axler / Rosel George Brown cover


In the aftermath of a brutal apocalypse, a perilous quest for survival

The Earth is laid waste by a devastating blight that destroys the world's food supply. Mass starvation wipes out millions almost overnight. Society collapses, and those who survive must contend with renegade groups striving for naked power. A new currency comes in existense—precious food, and the force of arms that helps get it at any cost.

Returning from a deep space mission, the crew of the Aquila crashlands in the Nevada desert and finds that the world they knew no longer exists. Ten months ago they had friends, wives and children. Now they set out on an uncertain odyssey to find the survivors, an odyssey that uncovers a secret trail left by a man called General Zelig.

But in this ravaged new world, no one knows who is friend or foe... and their quest will test the limit of endurance and the will to live.


A harrowing journey in a treacherous new world


No place to hide. No place to run.

Then there was a hissing of powerful hydraulic gears behind the reinforced walls of concrete and steel, and the heavy security door slid sideways.

They rushed and jostled inside the familiar lobby leading to their quarters. Mac was last, though, turning and stabbing a finger onto the red emergency button that closed the door. After a moment's hesitation, it began to move shut, agonizingly slowly.

Jim stood near the shrinking gap, peering into the passage outside. He saw a flicker of movement and heard shouting.

A rough strident voice called out. "Hold it!"

A man appeared around the bend of the corridor, with a sawed-down scattergun cradled in his arms. "Hold the baster door!"

The gun was leveled, barely fifty feet away.

Jim Hilton was frozen, aware that the gap was still five feet, and that an ominous grinding sound came from the door's gearing.




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