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Doomsday Warrior

Doomsday Warrior

Written By:Ryder Stacy / Jan Stacy - 1984

  • Doomsday Warrior - Ryder Stacy / Jan Stacy cover


When the end comes, America's survival will depend on the... DOOMSDAY WARRIOR


Ravaged by the nuclear devastation of World War III, America is now a brutalized Russian colony. But led by a unique soldier of survival, Ted Rockson, a loose federation of secret American Free Cities rises up to fight the hated conquerer!

Rockson's name soon becomes the rallying cry of a people desperate to throw off the shackles of tyranny. Their ultimate freedom, though, depends on Rockson finding a weapon capable of defeating the Russian Empire.

When a remarkable destructive device is rumored to be somewhere deep inside a radioactive hot zone, Rockson's desperate mission is to find it. Russian patrols and the twisted hell of this savagely mutilated world become impossible obstacles, but Rockson will not give up, will not turn back, will not be defeated. The reason is simple.

He's been bred by the holocaust to be the... DOOMSDAY WARRIOR



Rockson rolled down the hill as quick as he could move, oblivious to the sharp-edged rocks gashing his flesh. The ground where he had just been was ripped apart by Russian machinegun fire. He flew down the hill with animal speed, sliding, dodging, a bundle of pure enery. But it didn't help him. Two Red choppers suddenly swooped down on him through the smoke and peppered the hill with a blizzard of slugs, digging trenches in straight, deadly lines. Rockson tore to the side and kept heading for cover—until he heard the whoosh of an air-to-ground missile fired by one of the choppers. He knew that sound well. He had heard it a hundred times before. It meant someone was going to die...




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