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Doomsday Warrior

America's Last Declaration

Written By:Ryder Stacy - 1985

  • America's Last Declaration - Ryder Stacy cover


The Doomsday Warrior, Ted Rockson, barely escapes from Moscow in a hijacked MIG fighter and crash lands in the Midwest of America. But this is a post-apocalyptic 2089 AD America and he must traverse the deadly wasteland to return to one of the last outposts of freedom in the Rockies, Century City. In the meantime, the Soviet Empire is preparing their most devastating attack on the American free-fighters. Enlisting a 600,000 German, Nazi-like soldier force, Premier Vassily wants to rid his world dominating Empire of the pesky free-fighters and solidify his leadership against the KGB--lead sadistic Colonel Killov. This will be the out-numbered free-fighters first major engagement against the Soviet Empire and could very well be their last. Only under the veteran leadership of the Doomsday Warrior do they even stand a one-in-a-million chance.




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