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The Doomsday Effect

Written By:Thomas Wren - 1986

  • The Doomsday Effect  - Thomas Wren cover


The Earth will be destroyed in seven years

Doomsday began with a massive California earthquake. Everybody assumed it was the Big One that geophysicists had been predicting for years. But odd pieces of evidence came together in the hands of a brilliant group of scientists that pointed to a disaster far more catastrophic: a tiny — but very real — black hole.

Now the singularity was looping its way around — and through — the Earth, and slowly but certainly the planet was being consumed. But how do you stop something that is smaller than an atom, heavier than a mountain, and swallows everything that touches it?


They had only one chance to catch the black hole

"We could swing one of the close-approach asteroids into a near-Earth orbit," said the cybertech. "But we get a much more comfortable margin for error if we grab a really large body. In designing the blowfish orbits, I came upon a propulsion system that may work. We could even bring down Ceres herself."

Grace studied the papers. "The plan requires a supply of thermonuclear devices. More than fifty-eight hundred, I see."

"Do you realize what this represents in terms of our national arsenal?" barked the Undersecretary of Defense. "You'd strip the country. We'd have to dock our submarines, ground the bombers, empty the silos."

"In view of the doom we all face in little more than five years," Grace said drily, "that doesn't seem to be an important consideration."


"Reads like a cross between Hogan and Heinlein." —Jim Baen

"An impressive first novel, going far beyond the usual disaster tale in scope and imagination—and solidly based on a real scientific possibility." —Stanley Schmidt, Editor, Analog