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Written By:Daniel Parker - 1999

  • November - Daniel Parker cover


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Couth Down It's 1999.

Plagues. Curses. Hunger. The Pilgrims sure had it easy.


Finally, there's something to be thankful for. The Demon has been vanquished. No more death, destruction, or devastation. Only relief, restoration, and renewal.

This is, if you ignore a couple of minor details.

The countdown is still going strong...

...and the Demon could be, too.


Mourning the Chosen One...

Leslie leaned over and draped her arms around Ariel and Caleb. "I know this is gonna sound crazy... but in a way, it's like the best thing that could have happened. Sarah took her fate into her own hands. Everybody's fate. She knew the Demon was already beat because we found the cure for the plague. Maybe the only way the Demon could possibly win was if all the prohecies were fulfilled. So Sarah made sure that none of the prophecies in the last two lunar cycles could ever come true."

Caleb shook his head. "Why..."

Ariel wanted to say something—anything—but it was impossible. Her mouth couldn't form the words. She was too confused, too distraught. Leslie must be right. It was the only way any of this could possibly make sense.

"I'm gonna keep Sarah's memory alvie," Leslie pledged. "I'm gonna make sure that every single kid on this planet knows what she did for them. She has to live on in people's minds. Forever. Nobody can ever forget her."

Ariel buried her face in Leslie's shoulder and wept softly. "They won't," she whispered.




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