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Conqueror Worms The/Earthworm Gods

Written By:Brian Keene - 2006

  • Conqueror Worms  The/Earthworm Gods - Brian Keene cover


In "Earthworm Gods", Keene again brings us into a post-apocalyptic world of death and danger. This time however, the dead are not rising from the grave. One day it starts raining and never stops. With this backdrop we are taken on a roller coaster spanning from the mountain tops of West Virginia to the rooftops of Baltimore. Our main character is Teddy Garnett, an elderly widower trapped in his home on a mountain in West Virginia, thinking he is the only survivor of his community. Teddy soon finds he's not alone. There are still things living in the wet mountain top hollows. Lucky for Teddy one happens to be a friend. The others have been driven to the surface by the rains. Things that aren't meant for the daylight, but for the deep dark bowels of the Earth. Soon he and a rag-tag group of survivors are locked in a desperate struggle for their lives.