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C.A.D.S.: Computerized Attack/Defense System

Written By:John Sievert - 1985

  • C.A.D.S.: Computerized Attack/Defense System - John Sievert cover


They're called C.A.D.S.- Computerized Attack/Defense System.The next generation of America's high-tech soldier. Seven foot tall battle armor suits that are equipped with flame-throwers, armor piercing shells, machine guns and much more.all operated by voice command. However no one dreamed that they would become America's last line of defense. The unthinkable has happened. The Soviet Union's nuclear first strike has left America crippled, tens of millions dead, and it's armed forces decimated. Now the Soviets begin their sweep across the American landscape to achieve complete victory. Only one thing stands in their way.Colonel Dean Sturgis and his C.A.D.S. unit. Now, untested in battle, the C.A.D.S. must race against time to rescue the President from his White House bunker before the Soviet's can capture him and demand the surrender of the United States.




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