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Buck Rogers

Rogers' Rangers

Written By:John Silbersack - 1983

  • Rogers' Rangers - John Silbersack cover


Humanity rises against an alien empire

In the aftermath of nuclear war, over the rubble of once-great cities, the Prl'lu keep a watchful eye. There is sporadic underground resistance to their vast and vicious empire. But only Tony Rogers and his faithful followers have managed to escape to a distance planet where Rogers is making plans and training his Rangers, an alien force of rebellious Prl'lu, for the cataclysmic battle to liberate all humanity...


At first she thought she'd badly misjudged the time, and that dawn had slowly crept up. As the shadows grew sharp and unnaturally clear, she dared to move her head and saw the landscape cast in a harsh blue-white light. Her eyes followed it up; she saw great beams breaking the night, and high in the air a ship hung, bathing the ground in three moving spots of luminescence.

The Prl'lu were on the prowl.


Exciting new sequel to the original "Buck Rogers" novel!




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