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Beyond the Apocalypse

Written By:Michael Mozeleski - 2003

  • Beyond the Apocalypse - Michael Mozeleski cover


In the not-too-distant future, all life on Earth is wiped out by what history would call a meteor - if history could record it. Some are saved, and 2000 years later they return to begin again. This - by ancient calendars - is the forth cycle of evolution. It is the last chance human kind has to survive. Now, after civilization is reborn with swords and kings, and magic is rediscovered on what is left of the American continent, that which man calls evil makes another play for the souls of the chosen. This will be the final play, for evil has found a way to bend the rules, to use the human mind and it's power to bring what the ancients would call Hell into the physical realm of man. There is no religion. All the prophets are forgotten. There is nothing to guide or save human kind from the creature that has haunted their psyche since their beginning. The human race is on their own and that which the ancients called evil will seize their ignorance in a final coup of their immortal souls. The dead will rise again--The living will see them--And all that possess the gift of life will mourn forever at their loss-- This book was inspired by a number of factors, my love for medieval fantasy and fascination with the end-of-the-world myth being only two. Other inspiration was from my extensive research into the moral and ethical systems so many people so blindly follow without any understanding into just how they evolved. Some of the characters in this book are based on real people and real lives, and the major conflicts involved in the story deal very closely with the same conflicts present in many people's minds as I have experienced through interviews while writing this book. It is some what ironic that the story is set in thefuture, in a culture that we today would consider primitive, and deals with thevery questions and conflicts that pervade the minds of so many here in the present.