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Before and After

Written By:Matthew Thomas - 1999

  • Before and After - Matthew Thomas cover


That rare find: comic fantasy that actually makes you laugh. Douglas Adams10;Terry Pratchett, but with more jokes. A dark, deadpan millennial tale. 'The sheep shall be the first sign. Those that frolic and hop will detonate with great concussions, The strongest glues will not hold them, their suffering will go unheeded, Until the Great Triangles depart' From the Lost Centuries of Nostradamus: Quatrain v11.5 So it begins: the end of the world. The Apocalypse is at hand, afoot, in your face -- wherever -- it's going to affect you, mentally and physically. Ask Colin the sheep about it and he'd probably say 'BOOOM!' which isn't very helpful but then he has just exploded. Ask Professor Michael D. Nostrus, history teacher at a redbrick university and formerly the sometimes-vaguely-accurate prophet Nostradamus, and he might give you a piece of advice along the lines of: hole up in a Welsh farmhouse with an attractive young woman and read books like THE SAS SURVIVAL GUIDE: KILL SQUIRRELS THE WAY THE PROFESSIONALS DO. Some people think he's mad...Professor Michael D. Nostrus knows better. After all, he's had 500 years to work out what to do...